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Status of the Deep Space Network

NASA's Digital Orrery

MAST: Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes

Map of the Universe from Johns Hopkins University and others.....

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) continues to pad its space community résumé with their interactive map, “The map of the observable Universe”, that takes viewers on a 13.7-billion-year-old tour of the cosmos from the present to the moments after the Big Bang. While JHU is responsible for creating the site, additional contributions were made by NASA, the European Space Agency, the National Science Foundation, and the Sloan Foundation.

JWST's weekly observing schedule:

NASA's Unverse of Learning
An Integrated AstroPhisics STEM Learning and Literacy program

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2033 is the Perfect Year to Send Humans to Mars (With a Bonus Venus Flyby)

According to a new report, NASA could launch a orbital-only mission to Mars in 2033. Credits: NASA

How Long Does it Take to Get to Mars?

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for spacecraft to travel from Earth to Mars? Universe Today publisher Fraser Cain explains why it takes so long to reach the Red Planet and presents a few cool ideas that might get us to Mars more quickly. Based on this article from Universe Today:

The Crew Transfer Vehicle (CTV) using its nuclear-thermal rocket engines to accelerated away from Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Credit: NASA

NASA’s Space Launch System rocket carrying the Orion spacecraft launches on the Artemis I flight test, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky

Mars crew lander entry, descent, and landing (EDL) concept. Credit: Price, H, et al. (2022)

Credit: Price, H. et al. (2022)

Mars orbital mission concept. Credit: Price, et al. (2022)

Conceptual example of a Mars mission vehicle. Credit: Price, H, et al. (2022)

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Misc. Articles

Misc. Articles

Pages from Universetoday

How Long Does it Take to Get to Mars?

Exploring the Universe with Nuclear Power

New Nuclear Rocket Design to Send Missions to Mars in Just 45 Days

The 9th Annual Achieving Mars Workshop Report has been Released! How to Make Mars Affordable…

What is the International Space Station?

Mir: Russia’s Space Station

Two NASA Heads Demoted, Possibly as Part of a Shake-Up to Get Back to the Moon.

SLS Rocket Promises To Do Betterx

2024 Artemis Landings Could Slip Because of a Lack of Spacesuits. Musk Offers to Develop Them

The Lunar Gateway is No Longer a Required Part of the Artemis Mission to Return to the Moon by 20

NASA Picks SpaceX to Land Astronauts on the Moon!

NASA has Decided to Start Building the Lunar Gateway Using the Falcon Heavy

Universe today's NASA Releases Details on how Starship Will be Part of its Return to the Moon

Universe today's China and Russia Announce their Future Plans for the Moon, Including a Human Bas

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