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A brand new site for citizen scientists

The ISEE-3 Mission

A space craft for all!

An illustration from the new Citizen Science web site �A Spacecraft for All�
showing the ISEE-3 trajectory around the Earth, Moon and Sun.
(Credits: Google Creative Labs, Skycorp Inc., Space Exploration Engineering)

The journey began on August 12, 1978 from Cape Canaveral on a Delta II launch vehicle.
Now after 36 years and 30 billions miles of travel around the Sun �
as well as a crowd-funded reboot of the spacecraft and a foiled attempt to put it into Earth orbit �
the ISEE-3 has completed a return visit to the Earth-Moon system.

4th Dimension explained

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This section for the "zoo" family of webpages.....

The original project Galaxy zoo to identify the shapes of galaxies/A>

A slightly less ambitious project is The Milky Way Project aims to sort
and measure our galaxy, the Milky Way.
Initially we're asking you to help us find and draw bubbles in beautiful infrared
data from the Spitzer Space Telescope.

And a complimentary site is... Moon Zoo.org

You can assist in finding... SUPERNOVAS!

And You can assist in finding Blog talk about planet hunting!!!!!

And here is planet hunter's Exo planets!!!

Here is Old weather.org

And another one... Solar Storm Watch!

And here for Merging galaxies!

Another one searching for super novas!

You can go with the Pluto Mission with.. ICE HUNTERS (for pluto!)

Here is ICE hunters demo!

And the science of ICE Hunters Science

AND A tutorial for ICE HUNTERS

How about Writing messages in Galaxies!

A new project is Sea floor explorer

Another one is Cyclone center

Yet another We're on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy.
Help researchers understand the awesomeness of the Andromeda galaxy, because one day we'll be in it...

Yet another new one is Space Warps

Help the zoo to Explore mars!

The Home page of Planet four

Another new project is: disk detective find exo-planets!

Radio Galaxies!

This site for a distributive effort to classify Galaxies...

The Galaxy Zoo's FORUM

THe Galaxy Zoo's Blog

And Galaxy Zoo's General Information

This is Galaxy Zoo's list of LINKS

This is galaxy zoo's Cyclone center blog page

Another new zoo project Sun Spotter.org!

Yet another Zoo project the Asteroid zoo

Identify Identify craters on the moon

Finding undiscovered gravitional lenses

Mapping the changing seasonal features on Mars

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Artist's impression of the exoplanet K2-288Bb, which lies within its parent star's habitable zone, suggesting that this world may have liquid water on the surface. Credit: Francis Reddy/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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